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Sea Kayaks

sea-kayaks2Sea kayaking is a great way to explore the Pacific Northwest. Learn about our sea kayaks and gear.

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Whitewater Kayaks

whitewater-kayaks2Whitewater kayaking is a hot sport around the Seattle area. Check out our great selection of whitewater kayaks and gear.

Kayak Rentals and Demos

We have a full selection of the hottest kayaks on the market, including sea kayaks, whitewater kayaks, recreational kayaks, sit-on-top kayaks and canoes. Rent or demo a kayak from AquaSports in Redmond.

Sit-on-Top Kayaks

sit-on-top-kayaks11Sit-on-top kayaks and inflatable kayaks are perfect for exploring local waterways. Learn more about recreational kayaks.

Kayak Gear and Accessories

kayak-gear-accessories2Whether it’s a helmet, paddle, or drysuit you need, we have a huge selection of sea and whitewater kayaking gear.

Used and Discounted Kayaks

Go to the Used and Discounted Kayaks for Sale pageWe have a large selection of used and new kayaks on sale. Click here for great deals on our used and discounted kayaks.

Deal of the Week

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